17th Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People & 14 European Meeting of Young People’s Audiovisual Creation “CAMERA ZIZANIO”

DSC08451A unique number of 678 films from 61 countries all over the world was the broken record for the 17th Olympia Film Festival for Children and Young People that was held for a week in the city of Pyrgos, Western Peloponnese, following its annual date every December. Olympia Festival, member of the ECFA, is the only Greek competition festival for children and young people, and one of the greatest of its kind in Europe. Through a rich competition program, educational activities and special screenings, children are called upon to become critical spectators, to create their own images, and to “ form a personal stance about show business, so that they don’t end up passive receivers and victims of «the market». In parallel with the Festival, the 14th CAMERA ZIZANIO that refers to filmmaking by children and for children had also, had a record number of films made by children, opening new horizons towards an aesthetic audiovisual creation in formal and non formal educational environment.

Irene Andriopoulou, DIMLE co-author from Greece, took part to the School & Cinema Master Classes, with an interactive film literacy workshop on short film use in the classroom, during film courses, either as autonomous units or cross curricular. The workshop involved new and alternative ways of film “reading and writing”, using methodological film literacy tools of content and context analysis, as well as technical tools for “unlocking” the content of a short film in the classroom. The workshop offered a practical teaching model for the educators who were eager to use it in the classroom. Film education is very popular in the Greek formal educational system, and there is a wide range of educational activities on film making and audiovisual creation by students every year. 

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