GMK-Forum "Doing politics – How Media Literacy is Involved Politically in a Digital Society"

gmk2The GMK-Forum 2014 took place from 21st to 23rd November in Berlin. The title of the congress was “Doing politics – How Media Literacy is Involved Politically in a Digital Society”. On occasion of this event GMK (Association for Media Education and Communication Culture) also, celebrated the 30th anniversary with multiple sessions and practical workshops on digital projects.

Together with two regulatory institutions (LFK and LMK/klicksafe) GMK organized on Sunday, 23rd, a special EU Session with representatives from the media literacy sector in Europe, in order to share and discuss current and upcoming questions of media literacy, internet safety, child protection and online regulation. The main question of the session was “Free your mind, the rest will follow: How can children and youth find a way to use media safely and competently?” and the panel was moderated by journalist Miriam Janke. The EU Talk guests were Irene Andriopoulou, media analyst, Greek PSB and our co-author from Greece, Nicoleta Fotiades, MEDIAWISE Society, Center for Media and Research from Romania, Patrick Verniers, Conseil Supérieur de l'éducation aux medias from Belgium, Gianna Capello, Italian Association for  Media Education from Italy, and Stephanie Klahn from Germany.

During the EU Talk session, the panelists showcased the media literacy scene in their countries in typical and non typical education as well as in the regulatory map, commenting on the ellipses and challenges in media literacy paradigm. The overall point of agreement was that media literacy needs to be closely interrelated also with the notions of active citizenship alongside a more clear policy vision from the member - states.

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