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17th Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People & 14 European Meeting of Young People’s Audiovisual Creation “CAMERA ZIZANIO”

DSC08451A unique number of 678 films from 61 countries all over the world was the broken record for the 17th Olympia Film Festival for Children and Young People that was held for a week in the city of Pyrgos, Western Peloponnese, following its annual date every December. Olympia Festival, member of the ECFA, is the only Greek competition festival for children and young people, and one of the greatest of its kind in Europe. Through a rich competition program, educational activities and special screenings, children are called upon to become critical spectators, to create their own images, and to “ form a personal stance about show business, so that they don’t end up passive receivers and victims of «the market». In parallel with the Festival, the 14th CAMERA ZIZANIO that refers to filmmaking by children and for children had also, had a record number of films made by children, opening new horizons towards an aesthetic audiovisual creation in formal and non formal educational environment.

Irene Andriopoulou, DIMLE co-author from Greece, took part to the School & Cinema Master Classes, with an interactive film literacy workshop on short film use in the classroom, during film courses, either as autonomous units or cross curricular. The workshop involved new and alternative ways of film “reading and writing”, using methodological film literacy tools of content and context analysis, as well as technical tools for “unlocking” the content of a short film in the classroom. The workshop offered a practical teaching model for the educators who were eager to use it in the classroom. Film education is very popular in the Greek formal educational system, and there is a wide range of educational activities on film making and audiovisual creation by students every year. 

GMK-Forum "Doing politics – How Media Literacy is Involved Politically in a Digital Society"

gmk2The GMK-Forum 2014 took place from 21st to 23rd November in Berlin. The title of the congress was “Doing politics – How Media Literacy is Involved Politically in a Digital Society”. On occasion of this event GMK (Association for Media Education and Communication Culture) also, celebrated the 30th anniversary with multiple sessions and practical workshops on digital projects.

Together with two regulatory institutions (LFK and LMK/klicksafe) GMK organized on Sunday, 23rd, a special EU Session with representatives from the media literacy sector in Europe, in order to share and discuss current and upcoming questions of media literacy, internet safety, child protection and online regulation. The main question of the session was “Free your mind, the rest will follow: How can children and youth find a way to use media safely and competently?” and the panel was moderated by journalist Miriam Janke. The EU Talk guests were Irene Andriopoulou, media analyst, Greek PSB and our co-author from Greece, Nicoleta Fotiades, MEDIAWISE Society, Center for Media and Research from Romania, Patrick Verniers, Conseil Supérieur de l'éducation aux medias from Belgium, Gianna Capello, Italian Association for  Media Education from Italy, and Stephanie Klahn from Germany.

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The 5 things you should know about EMEDUS!

emedusnot1. Database on Media Literacy/Media Education

EMEDUS has built a comprehensive database on Media Literacy in Europe composed of various, usually dispersed, data. Through EMEDUS, this information can be collected and accessed, the database contains:

  • Organizations and Institutions related to Media Literacy –  In this database, there are over 250 entities registered (Ministry of education; Government institution; Network platform; Observatory; Official research institute; Organization of Media Education (or ML); Regulatory authority and Research groups)
  • Literature related to Media Literacy - Bibliography on Media Literacy which includes over 350 documents, from the years 2007 to 2013. There are reports, papers, books and other documents.
  • International and national experts The database compiled by EMEDUS includes a list of 550 experts who work in or are related to Media Literacy in the 27 EU countries studied. and other non-European countries.
  • Audio-visual database on Media Literacy – Testimonials and interviews of experts from other non-European countries. News and audio-visual reports on Media Literacy events (Medea etc.) are also included in a database that can be seen on youtube, created specifically for the EMEDUS project.

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México will host next Latin American and Caribbean Media and Information Literacy Forum

LOGOTIPO inglesAfter the success of the EMEDUS final conference, the First European Media Literacy Forum, a new debate will open on December 2014 with the “Latin American and Caribbean Media and Information Literacy Forum”, which will gather stakeholders interested in fostering media education in this region. 

The Latin American and Caribbean Media and Information Literacy Forum will be held on December 10 and 11 in Mexico City. This conference will be hosted by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (through TV UNAM) and the National Public Broadcasting System of Mexico, with the Autonomous University of Barcelona and UNESCO as co-organizer, and will bring together stakeholders interested in fostering media and information literacy among Latin American and the Caribbean countries.

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Check the EMEDUS Numbers!



  1. EMEDUS websites have had more than 45,000 page views.
  2. European Media Literacy Forum Website: 67.143 page views.
  3. First Media Literacy Forum held in the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris between the 27-28 May 2014 had 350 attendees.
  4. International Conferences with participation of UAB: 16 conferences x 100 attendees/conference = 1.600 people.
  5. Some events and meetings that the EMEDUS team have promoted and disseminated the project:

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