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12-13 December 2013: Media and Learning 2013

Category: Events
Created on Tuesday, 10 December 2013 10:01

Brussels (Belgium). The objective of the event Media&Learning 2013 is to discus about the latest developments, services and uses of media in education and training, and identify policies and initiatives that promote digital and media competence at all levels of education and training.

Media&Learning 2013 is aimed at both policy makers and practitioners.

Belgium - Flemish speaking community - Media Literacy Policy Plan

Category: News
Created on Tuesday, 10 December 2013 09:37

Media literacy is a theme that touches diverse aspects of policy-making such as media, innovation, youth, education, culture, well-being and poverty reduction.

The present concept paper focuses its attention in particular on the interface between media policy and education policy, but at the same time it is an invitation towards a widening of the cooperation and approach in terms of policy.

In the paper, you will first of all find the authors' vision with regard to the interaction with media and their expectations with respect to the different actors in this field.

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