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Andrej Skolkay comments the situation of media education in Slovakia

Category: News
Created on Friday, 11 October 2013 07:54

Members of the EMEDUS’ prohect have interviewed Andrej EMEDUS Skolkay, an European expert in the field of media education.

Skolkay talks about the situation of media education in his country, Slovakia. He explains that Slovakian teachers have materials for media education at schools, and also, some of them are training in this field.

The Steering Board of EMEDUS meets in Brussels to monitor the project

Category: News
Created on Thursday, 06 June 2013 09:33

The Steering Board of the European Media Literacy Education Study (EMEDUS) held a meeting on 15 March in Brussels to monitor the ongoing research. 

The Department of Communication and Education, as representative of the UAB in the project, participated in the meeting to contribute with the progress that has been made ​​from the Barcelona group

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